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Good to se it on the front page

I watched this a while ago on Tarboy.com Glad to see it recognized..sad I almost forgot all about it! Its beautifully done and I still love it! Glad it got on the fp and reminded me all about it :)

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Okay I am not even sure what I just watched and yet it was the greatest video ever! okay well maybe not but it was very close! this had me laughing at something when I couldn't even tell what the hell was going on! great job


Really good, it was interesting and has became my new fave holiday i was going to ask why its rated M and write more but i dont give a d---

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well...aparently i'm a good procrastinator but can i just ask WTF is up with the clock hands??

perfect combo

This game has the perfect combo: hard and fun(not to mention the HOLY SHIT! factor). Which makes the game completly addicting, I started it at about 11 last night then i was too tired to keep playing at about 1 so what was the first thing I did this morning? Get up and play poltergifts of course! great job on this extremely addicting game!

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Close to tears...

That was just amazing I spent three days at work and then the final three with my family and sat down on the park bench and closed my eyes for the final time...I mean is that how I would actually live out my final six days? Its crazy how much this game makes you think about everything...really great game and I have to say i love that there is no replay button I think thats what made the game even more real because in truth you couldn't redo your last six days for real so it makes it very realistic that you can't on this game either.

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Simply Amazing

All of your songs move me..wether they be happy or sad or nostalgic they all manage to simply amaze me. This one in particular has really inspired me..so much so that i need to go make a flassh movie just because of it :) its a truly amazing song and all of your music is beautiful.

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MarkySpark responds:

Thankyou! You are beautiful too xxx

Very gothic >:p

this is beautifully done..the vocals are a perfect match for the music...i absolutely love it, its indescribably beautiful, perfect job!


nice i really like it :) i was looking for songs for my flash when i found this..i cant use it..but this is wonderful..its very soft but with this kind of mysterious edge to it..very good.

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